The department of Land Transport (DLT) has set the deadline for installing GPS tracking in public transportation.

The campaign, which started in January this year, requires public passenger vehicles, tow trucks, and 10 wheelers registered from January 25 onward to install GPS tracking before they hit the streets. Double decker buses registered before 2013 must install a GPS device before renewing their 2016 vehicle registration.

Public transportation and trucks that have already installed a GPS device must link their devices to the DLT’s database before the year end. The department also asked other existing public utility buses and tow trucks to install the system before renewing registration next year. Public and private 10 wheelers registered before 2016 must install a GPS device before renewing vehicle registration in 2017 and 2018

Installing GPS tracking in public transportation is part of the government’s policy to prevent road accidents by monitoring drivers’ behavior, working hours and driving practices, in accordance with traffic regulations.